Susquehanna Group Advisors, Inc. offers many services. Please use the links below for more information.

Financial Advisory Services

SGA advises public sector and non-profit clients on a broad range of financial issues, including the issuance and management of debt, and long-term capital planning. SGA has extensive experience with numerous types of financing vehicles for its municipal clients including tax-exempt and taxable municipal bond issues, variable rate demand bonds, pooled financings, private placements, direct bank loans and direct bank purchase bonds.

SGA works with clients to formulate financial strategies and policies designed to maintain a prudent level of financial risk, achieve the lowest cost of capital, and maintain a strong credit rating and good investor relations.

As part of our financial advisory practice, services provided by SGA include working closely with clients to formulate financial strategies and policies, scheduling and coordinating the financing process, providing debt structuring analysis and recommendations, method of sale recommendations, credit structure evaluation, obtaining bond ratings and credit enhancement, preparation of the proper and necessary financial documentation, and oversight of the sale, distribution and settlement of bonds.

Dissemination Agent

SGA provides annual continuing disclosure filing services for many of its municipal clients. We work closely with our clients to ensure that all required annual financial information and material event notices are filed in a timely manner on the MSRB’s EMMA system so that the issuer is fully compliant with all of its outstanding continuing disclosure requirements.

Arbitrage Rebate

SGA provides arbitrage rebate services for many of its municipal clients. Services include an analysis of all existing and/or prior tax-exempt transactions to determine all necessary rebate calculations, annual arbitrage rebate liability calculations, preparation of an annual arbitrage rebate report detailing cumulative rebate liability across all bond issues, and assistance with budgeting for future liability payments.

Verification Agent

SGA provides verification agent services for many of its municipal clients in connection with bond issues involving an advance refunding. In this capacity, SGA certifies the arithmetical accuracy of certain calculations of the bond financing, including the arbitrage yield and the sufficiency of the escrow.

Bond Proceeds Reinvestment

SGA provides a full range of bond proceeds reinvestment services. We provide our clients with market expertise to achieve optimal results within the constraints of the permitted investments. SGA represents the borrower and coordinates the bond reinvestment process with other professionals including bond counsel, underwriter, paying agent, rating agency(s) and bond insurer to evaluate specific requirements associated with the investment of bond proceeds. Services provided include education on available investment options, structuring advice, evaluation of permitted investments and assessment of borrower policies and risk tolerance, preparation of all bid material and coordination with bond professionals, and bid execution, documentation and closing.

Derivatives Advisory Services

SGA provides clients with understanding and access to a full range of financial products from investment agreements to derivatives contracts. SGA specializes in the structuring, negotiating and placement of various types of financial products. As part of its derivatives advisory practice, services provided by SGA include asset/liability modeling and sensitivity analyses, the structuring of financial, legal and credit terms, the negotiation and/or bidding of financial products, preparing the interest rate management plan, providing mark-to-market reports, providing market timing recommendations, providing the pricing certificate, pre-transaction pricing and market updates, and post-execution monitoring and trade ideas.

Hedge Effectiveness Testing

SGA performs annual hedge effectiveness testing for many of its municipal clients with outstanding derivatives transactions to comply with GASB 53. SGA tests existing derivatives using the four methods for evaluating hedge effectiveness under GASB 53 to determine if interest rate swaps are hedging derivative instruments or investment derivative instruments.