Company Profile

company profile Susquehanna Group Advisors, Inc. is an independent financial consulting and advisory firm located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. SGA’s financial professionals have extensive capital markets experience as financial advisors and investment bankers. Since the creation of Susquehanna Group Advisors in 2002, our professionals have served as the municipal advisor for over 300 bond issues with a combined principal amount in excess of $3.5 billion.

Our professionals evaluate the needs, concerns, and overall financial standing and direction of our clients so we may provide innovative and effective strategies to achieve each client’s specific objectives. We work closely with the our clients to formulate financial strategies and policies designed to maintain a prudent level of financial risk, achieve the lowest cost of capital, and maintain a strong credit rating and good investor relations. Susquehanna Group Advisors provides superior municipal advisory service to our clients from the initial analysis through implementation, and continues to provide client support after the completion of a transaction.